Gina Schuchman

Narcissism: Does Praising Your Child Create A Narcissist?

What can you do to raise a child with healthy self esteem and not be Narcissistic? In reading this NPR article about research being done on the impact of praise and rewards on children developing narcissistic traits, I thought that we really have to break this down a bit to understand […]

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Another One For The One-Sided Double Standard Rule Book Of Marriage!

And thanks for this wonderful tidbit to add to my One-sided Double Standard Rules of Marriage collection: A couple have a child with severe allergies to peanuts.  The mother is very meticulously in charge of protecting their child, including fighting with airlines at times about making sure they have a […]

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Does Therapy End Friendships?

One of the things that I see repeatedly in the beginning stages of therapy is that people start to clear out their friends and family.  Does therapy truly end friendships? Most people come in for therapy because they are struggling with relationship(s).  Maybe they are having trouble with a friend […]

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