Our Practice Philosophy

Edina Counseling Center was built around versatility in access and treatment models to match the needs of our clients, and a profound desire to meet the various needs of our clientele with a firm yet gentle approach to guiding them toward lasting solutions to life’s problems.


Just as not all people or their needs are the same, not all treatment approaches are the same either. Therefore, while professional competence is a benchmark, being versatile, caring,  empathic – and reasonably accessible to our clients- is a critical element of our approach.

What We Do...

Emotional disturbances are often caused by life events.  We help clients determine the cause of their emotional struggles and determine which courses of treatment would be most effective.


Among Our Therapy Modes and Models…

Who we see...



Crisis Intervention

How we do it...

"In-Person" Counseling Services

"Remote Telehealth" Counseling Services

Having a comprehensive toolkit of the most relevant therapies, as well as the creative skills to help customers make permanent and profound changes in their lives has been the mission of Edina Counseling Center since its founding. In this regard, we realize people lead busy lives, and coordinating schedules can be a challenge. Therefore, we have incorporated a fully HIPAA-compliant telehealth portal into our practice to allow us to better accommodate client needs, schedules, and logistics. and the environment regardless of where they may be traveling at any given time. Once we have completed an initial intake we can set up remote counseling sessions over most smart devices.

Billing and Insurance

 We are credentialed by most insurance companies and EAP’s. Contact us to ensure your visits will be covered.

We also accept most major credit cards including Health Savings Account cards.



Consultations/ Corporate Inquiries / Speaking Engagements


Business and Practice Consultations for mental health practitioners and clinicians are also available via our affiliated consulting practice Edina Behavioral Health Collaborative. Visit or call (952) 835.1616 for more information.


Corporate presentations regarding various mental health and critical incident counseling services we provide can be obtained via your insurance provider or by contacting us at or by calling (952) 835.1616