Therapy Modes & Models

Post Induction Therapy

“P.I.T.” helps people work through childhood trauma that continues to impact their self-esteem, problems with interpersonal boundary setting, difficulty knowing their own true self, difficulty knowing what their needs and wants are and how to get them met in moderate ways and difficulty being intensely shut down or emotional in relationships.  Clients read through the book Facing Codependence with the therapist and identify areas of the trauma they would like to work through so they don’t continue to be triggered by earlier wounds.

Psychodynamic Therapy

“Psycho Dynamic Therapy” helps people look deeper at what they are struggling with by looking at repeating patterns of relationships and emotional struggles that they may have learned earlier in life.


“EMDR” helps people change their emotional reaction to previous traumas

Solution Focused Therapy

“SolutionFocused Therapy” is for people who only want to focus on one particular problem they are having in personal or work relationships

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

“C.B.T” helps people identify their own feelings and then find ways to soothe themselves and make more functionally adult responses to the world around them.