Our Team

Our Team

As Edina Counseling Center continues to grow, new clinicians are being added.  I have been careful in selecting a unified network of therapists and clinicians who, though they each may have different skills, styles, and areas of expertise, share core values dedicated to your success and personal happiness.

We are contracted with most insurance companies and EAP’s, we also offer private pay plans to suit every individual and family budget. Please contact us to discuss your needs and ensure coverage options when making an appointment.

Gina R Schuchman, MSW, LICSW - Founder and Executive Director, Edina Counseling Center and  Edina Behavior Health Collaborative dba

Gina R. Schuchman, MSW, LICSW

Gina graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Masters in Social Work program in 1980. Gina started off working as a therapist in a pioneering program started by Patrick Carnes, treating incest families using a 12 Step recovery model.  From there she worked with adults, couples, children, and adolescents as a family counselor in a psychiatric clinic and as a school social worker in Minneapolis Schools.  For many years her private practice was housed in an OB-GYN clinic where she helped those struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss and adoption choices.


Over the past 20 years, she has focused on helping people make smart choices in relationships and has designed a program called I Date Smarter ( to help people make healthier and more informed choices.  

In the past 10 years, Gina has completed training with Pia Mellody, clinical director at the Meadows in Arizona and author of Facing Codependence, in working to assist people to resolve childhood traumas towards a healthy recovery.


Gina’s style is to work with clients in an engaged and supportive relationship to discover what is getting them stuck in life and make permanent and profound changes to enjoy a happier and more peaceful life. She believes that we all are basically competent human beings who can struggle from time to time and get stuck in our lives.  Relationships make the world go round and if we are stuck in that area of our lives it affects everything we try to do in life. With some help, we can all lead happy and productive lives full of respect for ourselves and others.  Gina works with individuals, couples, families, and groups in our Edina office.

Jacob Schuchman-Falk, ECC Associate

Jacob Schuchman Falk, MSW, LICSW  


Jacob has 7 years of experience in the mental health field in a variety of settings, including clinic-based and community-based services. He specializes in individual therapy to work on issues related to trauma, depression, anxiety, other mood-related disorders, life transitions, and co-occurring substance use issues. Jacob also has extensive experience working with severe and persistent mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jacob works primarily with adults, but also sees individuals in their late adolescence, transitioning into young adulthood.  Jacob brings compassion, empathy, insight, and reflection into every session.


Jacob welcomes clients with a non-judgmental, warm, and empathic engagement style and places a special emphasis on creating a strong therapeutic relationship. Recognizing that every individual’s needs are unique, he uses a client-centered approach in order to empower clients to reach their full potential, and overcome any issues or barriers that may be getting in their way. Clients find this helpful in creating a safe space to explore and process feelings and thoughts that may be difficult to share.


Jacob is an active listener who also will provide thoughtful insight, feedback, and gentle challenges to clients in order to facilitate desired changes. Jacob is comfortable using a wide array of evidence-based therapeutic styles – including psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR – depending on his client’s preferences and needs.

Joyce White, ECC Associate

Joyce White, Psy.D, LP


I graduated from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston, MA in 1997. As a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, and relationship expert, I have been helping individuals, couples, and families achieve healthier relationships with themselves and others. I have h helped clients improve their work lives through coaching, psychotherapy, and consulting for over 20 years.  I have worked internationally and in the US in a variety of settings, ranging from mental health clinics, and holistic health practices with multi-disciplinary practitioners, to private practice.  


Specialty Areas:


I specialize in working with individuals, families, couples, and groups and am well-informed on the latest attachment and trauma theories and practices and use these skills to assist clients in healing from family-of-origin trauma and/or dysfunction.

I have a strong interest and competence in diversity along with her international experience.   I have a special interest and skills in parenting and helping parents navigate the school environment – especially for those with learning disabilities and other special needs.


As a couple’s therapist, I utilize Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy model assisting people in building intimacy in relationships and teaching clients the skills necessary to have healthy relationships.  


I also use Pia Melody’s work in relational recovery, as well as an eclectic tool bag of techniques, gathered over the years, to make a unique plan for each client.

Sara Carlson, ECC Associate

Sara Carlson, MA, LMFT


I have completed a post-master’s in marriage and family therapy at St. Mary’s University and have been in private practice for over 20 years.  As part of my practice, I have worked with children and families from violent and abusive homes through the Family Violence Network.


I am trained in Gottman methods and emotionally focused therapy.  I am also an associate member of The American Society for Bariatric Surgery and am trained in bariatric health and behavior assessment, before and aftercare. 


I have been an EAP clinical counselor for a global technology company for over 12 years and am passionate about empowering individuals and couples to restore relationships, gain personal insights, and shift perspectives in a safe non-judgmental environment.  I work collaboratively building on individual strengths with sensitivity to values, beliefs, and goals to restore hope and healing.


Among my specialties specialties are working with older adolescents, adults, and couples with depression, anxiety, bipolar, grief & loss, transitions, bariatric health & behavior assessments, work-related issues, and relationship issues.


With warmth, compassion, and respect, I will walk you through the deepest valleys, help you obtain healing, and give you the tools necessary for you to make lasting, positive changes in your life.

Nidar Gauhar, ECC Associate

Nidar Gauhar, MS, LMFT


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has 12+ years of diverse clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and families. 


I use attachment, relational, and strength-based models to help clients feel safe, understood, and heard.  I strive to help clients develop clarity about what they want, create changes, and empower them to maintain lasting impact.  


Prior to joining the Edina Counseling Center team, I worked many years at the Center for Grief, Loss, and Transition working with clients around grief and loss, trauma, divorce/transitions, and various health-related concerns. 


I have also worked closely with school districts as an educator, school counselor, and consultant for mental health-focused interventions for students and parents.


I currently contract with an Employee Assistance Program for a global technology company that provides stress management and wellness training, professional coaching, and consultation services to employees, leaders, and teams.    


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am a firm believer in the power of a collaborative therapeutic relationship and approach my practice with empathy and humility.  I consider it an honor to do this work.

Carolyn Disch, ECC Associate

Carolyn Disch, MSW, LICSW


My style as a therapist is authentic, compassionate, warm, and non-judgmental.  I appreciate the meaningful role of humor and believe in the strengths of people and helping them look for the positives in life – even when they may be difficult to see.


Change is inevitable and often stressful and can be incredibly valuable to our growth.


I will listen to you with an open mind and make sure you feel heard. I will partner with you to collaboratively identify goals important to you and will share with you skills and life practices that will empower you to confidently face challenges as you evolve into the person you strive to be.


I have over 20 years of experience working with adolescents and adults with concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-esteem, sexual and gender identity, life changes, grief and loss, relationship and family of origin issues, parenting stress, and many more.


I will integrate various therapeutic approaches to find what fits and works best for you. These may include breathing techniques, guided imagery, movement, emotional self-regulation skills, and mindfulness/relaxation/stress reduction skills. 


Regardless of the techniques we employ along our journey together, I want to honor where you are and focus on a process that offers understanding and positive change.

Esther Vogelzang, ECC Associate

Esther Vogelzang, MSW, LICSW


Hi, I am a Dutch LICSW, but have lived in the US for 20 years. I am bringing a ton of life experience to the field not only related to being a first-generation immigrant while having created a home away from home, adjusting to a new culture, starting a family, and becoming a parent of a child with special needs – but a lot more!


Life experience combined with a master’s degree in clinical social work has made me the therapist I am today. I understand and empathize with adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship challenges, life transitions, and PTSD.


It’s my privilege to assist people struggling with the aftermath of trauma by educating them on survival skills developed in childhood and labeling them as a strength. I enjoy introducing and guiding people to new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving and the benefits of mindful living. I use an integrative mix of CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing.


I am trained and certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)  and recently added the Advanced and Enhanced training. I have found this a very helpful modality particularly to use for single episode trauma. In addition to this, I have participated in a wide variety of training opportunities, such as Internal Family Systems, couples counseling, domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, grief, and loss.


I am familiar with the twelve-step program and believe that many people struggle with addiction and codependency traits as a result of growing up in dysfunctional families. I have been working in the mental health field for more than 10 years providing outpatient, day treatment, and rehabilitative services.


Lastly, I have a long-standing relationship with the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota.

Heather Stras, ECC Associate

Heather Stras, MSW, LICSW

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families.
My areas of focus are grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, trauma, chronic disease, and small and big life transitions including transitioning to college, changing jobs, a new medical diagnosis as well as other life transitions.
In my practice, I use the “strength perspective approach,” which involves working collaboratively with clients to identify and build on their strengths, skills, talents, and hopes.  I believe that everyone has unique strengths and abilities that can be used to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
I skillfully make use of community resources to support clients as they face specific challenges and life transitions. Where appropriate, humor is often part of the therapy session.
Tom Williams, ECC Associate

Tom Williams, MSW, LICSW

Thomas (Tom) Williams is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has worked in a variety of settings and with children and adults along with families. He retired from the Veterans Administration system and worked in addiction and mental health therapy for Veterans. Currently he is semi-retired, and his areas of interest are primarily working with adults from 18 to 100 +. Areas that he had a major focus on include Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and ADHD along with substance use disorders including Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders.

Tom utilizes a variety of techniques in his work with individuals such as Cognitive Behavioral treatments, Acceptance and Commitment Treatment along with Brief Solution Focused therapy and other treatments that are mutually discussed and agreed upon with his clients. Trauma issues have been an area that he worked on within the VA and in both private practice and community based mental health clinics. One of his core beliefs is that people have an infinite capacity to change. The courage that his clients have over the years displayed and the changes that he has seen occur still amaze him. He works to promote client agency. He also utilizes psychoeducation in helping clients better understand and to normalize mental health issues.

Tom has a bachelor’s degree in social work that he received from the University of North Dakota in 1990. He worked as a case manager and an In-Home Family therapist for 10 years before receiving his master’s degree in social work in 1999 and became a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in 2001. The skills that he has been trained in allow him to assess mental health issues and see the value in utilizing appropriate and numerous community and family resources that the client may bring and/or be available to benefit their treatment. Tom will begin seeing clients in August 2024.