Groups are very powerful modes of therapy.  They provide education and insight in a supportive and safe setting.  The goal of groups is for people to learn more about developing and maintaining healthy and functional relationships with self and others.  It helps to have more than one (or two, counting a therapist) brain working on solving the complex issues of life.

Currently, Gina is offering three behavioral health therapy support groups:

  • Women’s Group #1 is for women over 40 years old who are coming to therapy with depression, anger, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, career and work issues, recovery from addictions or childhood trauma

  • Women’s “Twenty-Something” Group #2 is for women between 20-40 Gina is in the process of evaluating prospective new members of this group. starting in November 2018.

  • Men’s Group is for men of all ages.  The current group has men ages 27-50s.  This has been a very powerful place for men to open up and talk about their real feelings and issues and get understanding, caring and support from others.

Click this link to learn more about all current group openings. 

All groups are from 5-7 pm weekly and are limited to 8 people.   Anyone interested would need an intake with Gina to see if a group would be a good fit.  Group members sign a contract for a beginning commitment of 10 weeks and generally stay longer to continue to learn and grow in a caring and non-shaming environment.

Gina’s groups are based on Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Model which uses her book “Facing Co-dependency”.  In order to join one of her groups, clients will need to meet individually with Gina to discuss a plan for engaging in the model.

Other groups may become available as new associate clinicians join Edina Counseling Center.  We hope to have some daytime groups for people who have had long-term depression and anxiety who may have completed an intensive program and feel the need for on-going support.  We also hope to start up a group for adoptees to get insight and support on issues that they have experienced throughout their lives.  Another group may start for men and women to work on building social skills and trust in relationships.

Some groups will be time limited (running for 5-8 weeks on a particular topic) and others will be on-going.  If you are interested in joining a group please contact us letting us know what kind of group topics and issues you’d be interested in as well as time constraints for attending.  We will be forming groups according to the needs of incoming clients and this information will help us determine future groups.

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