There are several clinicians at Edina Counseling Center who are trained in providing couples counseling.  Most have a variety of training and years of experience with couples and have worked with a variety of marital concerns.


If you are struggling in your relationship and want to either decide if you want to continue in the relationship or hope to repair the relationship, we’d be happy to help in that journey.


It is common, over time, in a relationship to have emotions change and for interactions between you to change.  There are normal stages in relationships as people marry, live together, work, have children, and age, that impact marital satisfaction.  People have hurt and angry feelings and get disengaged if they don’t attend to the connection and satisfaction of both spouses.


Other factors play a part too, health issues, affairs, extended family relationships, feelings of betrayal, work pressures, financial hardships, demands of children and community, alcohol and drug abuse, or addictions.  How do couples survive and recover from traumas and pressures?


We hope to be able to help couples who want to repair their relationships, find ways to reconnect and heal as they learn new skills for communicating with respect and love.