Covid 19 Update

As we all hunkered down while going through this difficult time, we understand that everyone is struggling, not only with the issues prior to the virus affecting our lives but also with the uncertainty of how this will all play out and what will define our “new normal” as we move past the pandemic.  It is impacting us all to not know what is going to happen.  And, when the coping skills that have worked for you in the past aren’t enough, it can be an extra difficult time for everyone.


We still receive many questions from clients and potential clients about our masking policy and how they may receive in-person counseling.  Masking is still recommended in session, however, speak with your therapist regarding your specific needs and concerns.


Rest assured, all of our therapists at Edina Counseling Center are working diligently to address and accommodate our existing client needs and appointments safely and securely as well as to accept and intake new client requests as soon as possible. 


Likewise, we have also been getting questions and directives from insurance companies and EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) asking us to please be available for “virtual” counseling. We want to be available to help, and we are! 


To that end, we at Edina Counseling Center have been using a HIPAA-compliant program, Zoom Telehealth video conferencing, for several years.  As such, we are well versed in hosting and managing secure and convenient online video counseling sessions as a complement to phone counseling sessions and as an alternative to in-person counseling sessions.


You do not have to pay anything or join Zoom or use the program.  You can download the app for free by going to their website:  You can download it to your phone, tablet, or computer and be ready for us to send you a link inviting you to join a meeting we have set up just for you. 


We are committed to helping people better manage their daily lives and relationships, as well as this crisis, as best as we are able. We will strive to do our part by continuing to provide counseling and support for individuals, couples, families, or groups.  Everyone invited to a Zoom session will be able to talk and share together in real-time.


Together we will get through this and together we will all hopefully come out the other side with greater compassion for one another and a better understanding of what really matters in life.

Please contact your therapist to learn more or to schedule an appointment and we will help you get started. If you are new, you may reach us at our main number 612.835.1616, or fill out a contact form with basic contact information and we will try to contact your within 48 hours.




Gina R Schuchman, MSW, LICSW,

Founder and Executive Director, Edina Counseling Center, PLLC