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After 37 years in practice, there are many ways we have helped people improve their lives and relationships.  Most people come in because they are experiencing some depression and/or anxiety in their lives due to relationships at work, with partners, friends, and family, that they have not been able to figure out and adjust in the way they’d like.


There are many times of transition that can create stress and confusion and conflicts that are difficult to navigate on your own.


As Edina Counseling Center has grown I have been adding clinicians with a variety of styles to enhance our clinic.  Consider getting the help of one of Edina Counseling Center’s Tour Guides to help you find the path you seek.


We are “in-network” for most insurance companies and EAPs and also see clients on a cash basis.  Please contact us to make sure we are covered by your insurance company.

Here are some areas we have found success in helping people with:


  • Life Transitions


  • Recovery from Addictions & Codependence


  • Recovery from Trauma


  • Severe and Persistent Mental Health Issues

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Relationship Issues (romantic, family, friends, work)



  • Work and Career Issues



We are not limited to the list above.  Bring us something and let us see what we can help you do with it.

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"Thank you for your knowledge and dedication in your field and your desire in helping direct me on a continual path of realization and healing. For listening, listening, listening-suggesting, and directing. For patience, and reminders. For empathy and compassion. For helping me become a better person. For helping me understand where I came from and how that has affected my life. For helping me not stay stuck there, but to grow, and learn how to be my best self. For encouraging me to be confident, a matter of fact, and simply said. For helping me believe in myself, take risks, be patient, wait, and collect information. For helping me understand and realize, I’m being the best I can be with what I’ve been given. For helping me strive to want better for myself, to know I’m worth it.For helping me learn from the past and what to watch for going forward- learning to “catch it out here” and decipher what it means before I give it the possibility of hurting myself. For helping me not feel selfish or guilty for simply wanting what’s best for me, and going for it. For these and so much more, I thank you." - A.T. St.Paul, MN.

What Would My "Functional Adult" Do? ("W.W.M.F.A.D.")

You would not be visiting here today if you were not interested in creating a new and better version of yourself or a loved one. 

With that thought in mind let me leave you with this little life hack to ponder as you proceed on your new path and struggle with difficult day-to-day decisions. So what is a functional adult? It’s not complicated but it is involved. Glad you asked and we’ll share more details when we chat!


W.W.Y.F.A.D? Reminder Wrist Band - Available in shop

Ask us about receiving the WWMFAD Reminder bracelet. It is free to our clients.