Evolution of Practice

In the 36 years that I have been working as a clinical social worker I have studied and experienced many different philosophies of practice, always looking for better ways to help people learn about themselves and choose who they want to be and how they want to live.

As both a person and a therapist, my own life and relationships have evolved too. Through the years and through the growth process I have gained more insight and wisdom into what I can offer to clients as a clinician and other therapists as a colleague and mentor.  My experiences with dating, marriage, being a parent, divorce, remarriage, family relationships, friendships, becoming a grandparent and aging have helped me have more empathy and compassion in my work with my clients.

My style has evolved as I have worked and studied.  I have worked in private practice in a program treating incest families, in a psychiatric clinic for children and adolescents, as a school social worker, in an OB-GYN clinic and on my own in offices in Edina.

In the past 7 years, I have been studying with Pia Melody, clinical director at The Meadows treatment program in Arizona.  She has developed and model that fits well with all of my beliefs about what best helps people grow and make deep changes in their self esteem and in their relationships.