Introverts: Born Or Grown?

In the past few years introverts have been getting a plethora of wonderful research and press.  Many articles coming out have helped people struggling to understand, normalize and be proud of how they are.  It has taken a lot of pressure off of people to act and be like others. But do we really know […]

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Feeling Compassion: Everyone Is Someone’s Somebody

It is easy to get annoyed by others.  Finding compassion can feel like an impossible goal. Sometimes we are most annoyed with ourselves and deal with shame; feeling worthless and unloveable, for every little thing we do or say throughout the day.  We are hardest on ourselves with our inner voice that judges and criticizes […]

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Good & Bad Feelings…Are Those Our Only Options?

Why are we told that we should only experience and feel feelings that are deemed as “good”?  We are told it is acceptable to be happy, joyful, loving, excited, passionate but we should never feel sad or angry or hurt or worried or shame or guilt because they are “bad”. Good & Bad Feelings. Are […]

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Relationship Veering Off Course? Feeling Like Crap?

Ever feel like your relationship keeps veering off course and you’re powerless to change it much less understand how it’s happening?  In your relationships with people who say they love you do you keep walking away feeling crazy and hurt?  Do they tell you it’s all your problem? You can learn better skills on assessing […]

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