February 12, 2017

Fathers Are Important Allies & Advocates

Sometimes, in our cultuFather reading with daughterre, we believe that mothers are the most important parent and influence children the most.  In the model of therapy I practice both parents being present and engaged is believed to be equally important. Pay attention, fathers, you are integral to the health and well-being of your kids!

How do boys learn to be men with a father who is distant and busy at work all the time?  How do girls learn to value themselves in relationships if fathers don’t take time to see and hear them and show them they have value?

How parents show up in their children’s lives will impact how much the child feel they are worth, how well they set healthy functional boundaries in relationships, how well they know themselves and stand up for what they believe, how well they know their own needs and wants and how to meet them in moderate way and how moderately they show up in their own lives.

Men are often told they are not important in so many ways that they, sadly, discount themselves and stay out of parenting.  I want to encourage  all of you, men and women, to not sit quietly and allow this to happen.  Be active and important in your children’s lives.

It’s so exciting that advertising culture has taken this one and giving us such beautiful images and messages!