February 5, 2017

Catching New Ideas Every Day, Thank You Very Much!

If you’re sitting in my office talking, from time to time I might start to write something to myself.  Every day I am intrigued by something you say, it gives me new ideas and it inspires me to write some thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories with me!  As I mull them over and think about their relevance to me and others, it helps me create more to share with all of you.  We can learn so much from each other even if it’s our biggest mistakes.

Sometimes it’s a humorous situation or a scary and unbelievable experience that you’re struggling with that appears in our talk that could help so many others.  I plan to jot notes and ideas about it here and begin conversations so we can all put our brains together and get creative about how to think about and solve our struggles.

This past week two good ones came to me:

The One-Sided, Double-Standard Book of Marriage Rules:  you could not ever imagine how many of these I hear in a week!  Could a book of all these hypocrisies help you stand up for yourself more?


The Log Of Unfinished Conversations:  ever find yourself in the middle of talking out loud to someone and start to finish the conversation, in your own head, of what you’d really like to be saying?  What would happen in life if we spoke our truth instead of imagining it?

If you have anything to share, feel free to email it or reply to this post.  Otherwise, I’ll be catching things as they fly by in my office and sharing with you as I can.