What We Do…

Our Practice…

In my over 35 years in private practice, it has always been important to me to provide quality care to individuals, couples, families, and groups. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey so far and my desire to continue to help my clients grow and lead rich and rewarding lives has not diminished.

Therefore, in response to more requests for counseling and training than I have had time to fulfill, I am in the process of developing a network of associated clinicians to help us serve the needs of our growing clientele.

So, if you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment to quality care in a stay tuned as we continue into the next phase of our journey.

Our Versatility…

 In-Person Counseling Services

Edina Counseling Center was built around versatility in access and treatment models to match the needs of our clients, and a profound desire to meet the various needs of our clientele with a firm yet gentle approach to guiding them toward lasting solutions to life’s problems.

Just as not all people or their needs are the same, not all treatment approaches are the same either. Therefore, while professional competence is a benchmark, being versatile, caring,  empathic – and reasonably accessible to our clients- is a critical element of our approach. 

Remote Counseling Services – Zoom Telehealth Portal

Having a comprehensive toolkit of most relevant therapies, as well as the creative skills to help customers make permanent and profound changes in their lives has been the mission of Edina Counseling Center since its founding. In this regard, we realize people lead busy lives, and coordinating schedules can be a challenge.

Therefore, we have incorporated a fully HIPAA compliant telehealth portal into our practice to allow us to better accommodate client needs, schedules, logistics. and the environment regardless of where they may be traveling at any given time. Once we have completed an initial intake we can set up a remote counseling session over most smart devices.

Our Collaboration. – Edina Behavioral Health Collaborative (EBHC)

One of my primary objectives is to collaborate with mental health professionals who share the same core values. There are many therapists available in the Twin Cities and we are not all the same. Consumers have the right to be seen and heard by someone who will dig deep to understand their needs.  As such we have formed a network of like-minded therapists to help us expand our reach in order to serve our clients better.

Our Therapy Modes and Models…

Emotional disturbances are often caused by life events.  We help clients determine the cause of their emotional struggles and determine which courses of treatment would be most effective.

A few of the Therapy modes and models we offer:

  • P.I.T. Model (Pia Mellody’s post-induction training. “PIT” is a treatment model for Developmental Immaturity and/or Codependency)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Short Term
  • Solution Focused
  • Addiction & Recovery Based Models

 Who We See…

We offer a variety of both long term and short term groups for men, women, couples, and teens. Our groups are generally only available to clients under individual treatment who are recommended for group membership as part of their long-term treatment plan

Our groups are generally only available to clients under individual treatment who are recommended by their therapist for group membership as part of their long-term treatment plan.  As such, and for the benefit of all existing group members, we are very deliberate in how we choose new members. Among the criteria considered is how the therapist views a potential client for general compatibility with an existing member; their commitment to the minimum number of sessions; and their overall work ethic or desire to do the work necessary the experience personal growth.

Therapy is available for all –

Billing and Insurance

We are credentialed by most insurance companies and EAP’s. Contact us to ensure your visits will be covered. We also accept most major credit cards including Health Savings Account cards.

Consultations/ Corporate Inquiries / Speaking Engagements

Business Consultations and Presentations are also available on request. Contact us at or call (952) 835.1616 for more information.